The Conference will be held in Prague, in Kaiserstein Palace – the jewel of the lower part of Malostranské Square.

Address: Kaiserstein Palace, Malostranské nám. 23/37, 110 00 Malá Strana
GPS: 50.08805206493896, 14.404946154341486


Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a city steeped in history and known for its unique blend of Gothic and Baroque architecture. The city’s heart is the Old Town Square, home to the famous Astronomical Clock, which dates back to the 15th century. The Charles Bridge, adorned with 30 statues, offers stunning views of the Vltava River. Prague Castle, the largest ancient castle in the world, dominates the city skyline. The city is also renowned for its vibrant nightlife and diverse culinary scene. From its cobblestone streets to its beautiful parks and gardens, Prague offers a fairy-tale experience for every traveler. Enjoy your visit to this enchanting city!

Kaiserstein Palace

Kaiserstein Palace is a baroque building on the Lesser Town Square in Prague at foot of Prague Castle. It was the residence of famous important historical figures, today it serves as a venue for social events and cultural activities. You can admire its rich architectural and sculptural decoration, as well as its historical atmosphere.
It has been there even since before St. Nicholas’ Cathedral was erected and is a pride of Prague’s baroque, protected as a cultural heritage by UNESCO. The oldest references to the palace date back to the year 1400.
Kaiserštejn Palace inherited its name from František Helfrid, the Lord of Kaiserštejn (1699), who was the first to carry out extensive building reconstructions. The oldest structural elements, in the form of massive gothic walls, can still be seen within the basement premises, where visitors can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of a club. The most remarkable interior of the palace is the Crystal Hall on the first floor, with an entranceway made of artificial marble. The ceilings are decorated with stucco of late classicism and baroque. The historical oven is unfortunately a mere decoration today. On the first floor, visitors may see the unique premises of old dining rooms, Marie and Helena, with wooden decorated ceilings (1616). The largest hall is the Ema Destinnová concert hall on the second floor. The terrace offers a breathtaking and absolutely unexpected view of the Prague Castle.
Kaiserstein palace

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